Lets talk about goals…

3 May
  Everyone has them, some are small, some are bigger but whatever they are they give us strength to do something we would have never done, they come to us from the stupidest places like for example I knew one of my biggest goals since I was 9 years old, when I played my first computer game which was “Need for speed 3 hot pursuit”. I remember exactly when my dad brought a big computer with a fat CRT monitor from work for a weekend so I could play something. The game had this exhilarating intro which ended with this yellow Lamborghini standing somewhere that looked like an old market square. Ever since then I knew that this was something I want to have.
  So I was 9 the first thing I did was check how much does a Lamborghini cost maybe I can ask my parents for a birthday gift or just save my pocket money for a while. Hmm as you probably know, it didn’t work out quite as well as I hoped… When I saw the price of a car of my dreams my first thought was not “oh crap I got to find myself a new cheaper toy” but to my surprise it was “How can I achieve that?
  The obvious answer was that 90% of people who have cars like this are either celebrities or businessmen or as you can see in the picture both.
  I was a kid you cannot expect from a kid to start working for his lambo, but I was kind of stuck with this dream of driving a Lamborghini one day. Now I am a student at a University and that dream still haunts me and as it turns out playing this game was the best thing that ever happened to me, because not only did it give me this, many people would say meaningless goal but what it did it gave me motivation to do stuff I would never have done. What do I mean by that, well I am still focused on achieving my goal and to do that I know that I must do something more than everyone else. And this motivation gives me strength to come back to from the university after classes and reed business books, books about people who have achieved my dream, run my own business or go to business seminars where I can learn more about how can I earn enough money to one day drive my dream car.  When you think about it, it is kind of amazing that all this came from playing one game in my childhood. Whenever most people are just wasting time by sitting on Facebook and playing Farmville, I am using my time to learn something that will help me do something great.
  When I was 13 I saved some money and with the help of my dad I bought my first bmx bike, and ever since I started riding with my friends from my hometown I had one goal: To be the best rider in the city. Thanks to following that dream after 4 years of riding I started to get really good at it and achieving much more than I wanted at first. And from that small dream of being the best rider in my city after a few years I was a professional bmx rider going to big competitions riding with best riders from the country as well as abroad and being on the podium. This story of mine makes me think that anything is possible when you really want it.
Polish bmx Championships 2009
  So as you can see your dreams are not only empty thoughts but they are a key to something greater and they allow you to do things that you wouldn’t normally do, getting out of your comfort zone. It doesn’t really matter what is the dream it will always push you to do something more, it is really more of a measure of achieving the ultimate goal. So I guess that what you can get out of this post is just don’t be afraid to dream and have the strength to follow your dreams.